This week I had a startling revelation.

On Monday I had a Zoom call with one of my coaches.

She was sharing with me how we can unlock our divine potential.

At the end of the call, she paused and looked directly at me through the web cam.

Her stare was so intense I began to feel uncomfortable.

“Relax,” she said.

“Relax into it.”

As I looked at her, I relaxed my body and just continued staring into her eyes.

Suddenly, I noticed I was getting aroused.

I wanted to look away, but I held her gaze.

Because we have an agreement of honesty, I told her that I felt awkward because I was feeling aroused.

Then she said something that radically shifted my world.

“That’s your life force energy getting activated,” she said. “Nothing wrong.”

“Just let it be … and imagine that energy traveling up your spine, past your heart and up to the top of your head.”

I followed her instructions and felt the energy rush to the top of my head.

It felt like a sudden rush of tingling warmth right up to my scalp.

Without explanation, I broke into tears.

I felt this deep sadness when I realized that all my life I have been ashamed and afraid of my own sexual energy!

As a result, I’ve repressed and felt guilty about my sexuality.

My entire life I’ve been shutting off one of my primary sources of energy as man.

When we let our bodily sensations just be sensations … instead of wrapping them up in stories …

Then they can be just that – sensations without any meaning.

Already this week I can feel a lot more energy flowing through my life.

It’s like I’ve unstopped the plug that was blocking this primordial life energy.

Sexual repression is everywhere today.

And when people don’t have a healthy expression of their sexuality, they express it in unhealthy ways.